Data Retrieval, Analysis and Presentation

  • Dynamic & Static Data search

    This service lets user dig into FIDA database both in the static data and quantitative and computed statistics. You can perform search on any record and field. You can also perform quantitative filtering on every statistics FIDA computes night-time.
  • Historical Data

    You can get historical price and series on every instruments of FIDA database. Price series, total return series and adjusted series are available.
  • Statistical data

    On a defined set of financial instruments you can ask a pool of statistics on a customized time span, choosing from the list of available statistics. They will be computed on-fly. We have different indicators families, among them: Annual returns, Cumulative performance, Summary statistics, Risk measures, CAPM, Quadratic CAPM, Single index model, Tracking Error, Loss and gain, Amplification factor (Fida proprietary algorithm), Risk Adjusted Performance Measures, Fama decomposition.
  • Correlation Matrix

    Via this service you can get a correlation matrix of a demanded set of instruments computed on your desired date range.

Data & Portfolio Presentation

  • Financial Factsheet

    You get on-fly financial product factsheet (investment funds, etf, equity, bonds, indexes). With the whole information set you can build up your graphic data sheet. You can find some examples at
  • Portfolio Presentation

    Given either portfolio movements or balances, this service computes the NAV – net asset value in you date range and then total and period yields, mwrr, twrr, risk statistics and expositions breakdown

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