Financial Database Access

With our easy-to-use APIs you can acces to our proprietary Financial Database.

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FIDA-X Web-Services

Use our powerful Financial Engines - "your outsourced investment research library"

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Financial Widget

Configurable components powered by our data, research, and content.


Enhance your distribution models with our full "white label" solutions.

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Data Feeds

Bespoke financial data feeds implementations on reference data including security master and corporate actions.  


Retrieve risk analytics figures for your multi-asset-management environment with our powerful financial engine.


Custom or standard ready-to-integrate online financial elements like Correlation Matrix, Volatility Cones, Performance Charts.

Ready to Use

Software applications for financial planners, investment advisors, brokers, agents and investors for tracking investments.


Custom search engines and selectors based on our multi asset reference database, ratings and statistics.



Custom implementation of performance attribution solutions and peer group analysis services



Complete outsourced complex applications like portfolio monitoring tools, accumulation plans, portfolio switch, etc.

White Label

Our private labeling solution allows you to market our solutions as your own product, leveraging your existing brand image and presence.


Our Skill

Investment Analytics Platforms

Our platforms can be quickly revised aesthetically and introduced into a website, in an app or in a host platform developed with any technology you may need. 
FIDAworkstation Site

Bespoke Financial Applications

We develop applications starting from a extremely flexible layer of web services called FIDAx. This layer of services provides raw data or precalculated data with the aim to feed your application.

Investments Web Sites

Through our proprietary CMS we quickly develop:

  • Asset Management Company Websites
  • Wealth Management games & educational contest
  • WebSites's Capital markets area

We do it for

  • Retail Banking and Online Brokers

    We offer to mutual fund trading and administration for execution-only environments bespoke information management service models.
  • Media Sites

    Full Service Websites, design and informations management for the Financial Industry, Media and Press.
  • Asset Management Firms

    We help Asset Management firms in setting up the website and/or the information section about their Funds.
  • Insurance Companies

    We help insurance companies in the informations management of their mutual funds, from the development to the distribution.


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