FIDAinformatica brings innovation in software engineering to the financial services community.

We help our customers in updating existing systems, developing specialized applications, incorporating new platforms and mobile technologies. 

We apply software development methods and knowledge necessary to quickly innovate and create bespoke software solutions that fit the current emerging market tendency.

CheBanca - Periodic Accumulation Simulator

The Periodic Accumulation simulator allows the investor to reconstruct the historical figures of a saving plan of funds or multiple funds (up to 5) by showing the time course of the selected fund (or fund portfolio) and capital paid.

Assogestioni - Italian Funds Hub

A web-based platform that provide complete informations on mutual funds.
FIDA developed the IFH web site where the user can find, besides typical Assogestioni information, data regarding FPP, KIIDs, static data, marketing documentation and historical price series. All of them delivered in a friendly way and ready to be read or downloaded.

FONDIdoc -  ETFdoc : Funds Info-Portals

Web-based portals providing complete information on mutual funds and SICAVs including all legal documentation. More than 30,000 products between funds and ETF with detailed information,legal documents, fact sheets and historical trend analysis.

WeBank - Funds Top Selection

The Top Selection guided tour is able to satisfy customers willing to invest even in just one mutual fund with attention to active portfolio management and diversification typical of the mutual fund portfolios.
The Top Selection is a periodic fund picking based on a best return/risk ratio.

Money Controller

A dedicated database and web-services which connect MoneyController application with FIDA's data & financial engines.
The database covers over 18.000 instruments (MOT and TLX bonds – Mutual funds – ETF – Italian and Foreign stocks), daily updated and with a minimum depth of five years.


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